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There are many many amazing talented people out there! We are going to be sharing with you some of our favorites. 

Below you will find tips & tricks to look and feel your best as well as other fun stuff we thought you might enjoy.




Easy wavy hair tutorial.

(She also has a video for shorter hair curls which she references in the video.)




Thank you, Drea Ocejo!


5 minute make up



Thank you, Roxette Arisa!




Awesome 5 Minute Make Up. Great look & great energy!


styling curly hair


2 Friends try each other's curly hair routine.


One is super simple 1 product and the other uses a couple more.


You can pick whatever works for you :)


Thank you, Bianca & Franchelli !

@Chelliscurls @Mzbiancarene

styling curly hair

cat eye meow!


Get the perfect cat eye all the time, thanks to this tutorial.




Thank you, Eman!