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DB Style was built by us, Beatriz & Daniela, 2 sisters with a love for all things pretty, looking for a creative outlet and a way to connect with people with similar interests.


Ever since we were little we have been complete opposites, but this is actually what made our relationship perfect.  We truly complemented each other (hint: yin/yang). Not just opposites in personality, but opposites in styles/likes. Put together both of our styles make up for a very broad range for you to choose from.


Having each other has made everything better, this website is a way for us to share a little piece of ourselves with all of you. We know how hard the day to day can be and this is a space for you to relax (you deserve it!) and pamper yourselves. 

Our Selection

We take our time to select beautiful pieces for you to choose from. From fashion clothing & accessories to home decor. Everything that we have on our websites is something one or both of us absolutely love. 

Thank you for being here!

We really hope you enjoy what we have picked out for you and that your day was a little better because of us